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1. What is a wetland and do they exist on my property?
2. Do I need a delineation of wetlands or other surface waters?
3. I need a delineation, who can I speak to?
4. Is this property buildable? How much area is upland versus wetland?
5. The National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) doesn’t show wetlands for my property, is there wetlands onsite?
6. Are cypress trees protected?
7. Can I install plants along my lakefront or wetland?
8. Can I remove trees and other vegetation from around a lake or wetland?
9. Do I need a permit to build a dock, install a boat lift / slip or a floating dock?
10. For aquatic vegetation removal, do I have to replant?
11. Are there alternatives to seawalls?
12. What are some disadvantages to seawalls?
13. What is a mangrove? Why are they protected?
14. What is a riparian Mangrove Fringe?
15. Who is responsible for maintaining ditches, drainage canals or retention ponds?
16. What if someone is filling, clearing or conducting other activities in wetlands or other surface water areas?
17. What is the process to resolve a wetlands related complaint?
18. What is needed in a mitigation monitoring report?
19. What is included in a mitigation completion report?
20. Will my mitigation area require a Conservation Easement?