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Open Burning

The open burning of residential yard waste and household garbage or trash is prohibited in Hillsborough County.  In some cases, open burning may be authorized as described in the section below.  Additional information about open burning is available in the “Open Burning – An Informational Guide,” and in the "Open Burn Questions and Answers" sheet. 

Types Of Authorizations
EPC issues open burning authorizations for initial land clearing of vegetation for development, initial land clearing for mineral operations, clearing of rights-of-way for public highways or roads, and clearing for flood control and water drainage channels.

Applications for authorization by EPC are reviewed after submittal of an application and payment of the application fee of $400 for two acres or less, or $600 for more than two acres.  EPC staff will conduct an on-site inspection before issuing the authorization.

       Online forms that include e-pay:

Division Of Forestry Authorization

Florida Forest Service (FFS) issues open burning authorizations for prescribed burns for habitat/ecosystem management and restoration (e.g. exotics control), silvicultural operations, range improvement, maintenance operation of agricultural land use for the grazing of animals, and initial land clearing for agriculture or other agricultural purposes. Call FFS at 863-648-3160 or visit their website at