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General Permit Examples
General Permit Examples
  • Title V - Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaning, Ethylene Oxide Sterlizers, Halogenated Solvent Degreasers, Chromium Electroplaters, and Asbestos Manufacturers
  • Non-Title V - Mercury Recovery or Reclamation, Bulk Gasoline Plants, Heating Units & General Purpose Internal Combustion Engines, Surface Coating, Polyester Resins Products Fabrication, Cast Polymer Operations, Concrete Batch Plants, Human Crematories, Animal Crematories

Time Table For Permit Issuance
  • Minor Source
    • 30 days maximum for completeness review
    • 90 days maximum from receipt of complete application to final action
  • Major Source (Title V)
    • Construction application same as above
    • Initial Title V Operating Application - Due date is specified in Rule 62-213.420(1), F.A.C.
    • Title V permit renewal application - 90 days maximum from receipt of complete application to issuance of the draft permit. Final issuance of the draft permit after the public comment and EPA comment periods have been satisfied.
    • Public Notice Requirements are specified in Rules 62-103.150 and 62-210.350(3), F.A.C. 

Permit Fee Schedule