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Small Quantity Generator
The Small Quantity Generator (SQG) Program is a state-mandated program that requires counties to educate small businesses regarding the hazardous waste regulations they must comply with. There are over 16,000 businesses in Hillsborough County that have the potential to generate hazardous wastes. Over the years, new programs have been incorporated into the SQG program that is mutually beneficial to both industry and the environment.

Studies have shown that small businesses can actually generate more waste than large businesses when they are looked at as a whole. In 2007, over 3400 inspections of small businesses were performed and documented over 695,000 gallons of used oil; 108,000 batteries; and over 60,000 pounds of cleaning solvent waste was generated and disposed of from small businesses.

  • The Pollution Prevention (P2) Program is a free, non-regulatory program that will conduct onsite technical audits and advise businesses of ways they can either eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of wastes they generate.
  • The Green Yard Program is similar to P2 except it deals specifically with the auto recycling industry. Since it’s inception in 2004, 10 auto recycling facilities have been certified as Green Yards.
  • The Green Star Program focuses on the automotive repair industry and helping facilities go above and beyond normal compliance. To date, there are 38 facilities certified as Green Stars.
  • The School Inspection Program has been incorporated as well. Schools are unique in that waste streams from several different industry types can be generated at one school. Because the SQG program is focused on educating the public about hazardous wastes, what better place than schools to really push the point home.
    • The School Program is first making sure the schools themselves are in compliance with the regulations. The second step is to help schools go above and beyond compliance by introducing P2 concepts.

Community Involvement
Finally, staff can not be everywhere so we rely on the community to notify us of anything they see that may be a danger to the environment. If you think a business is not managing their wastes correctly, please complete the Report Environmental Violations form with all applicable information.

The complaint will be investigated within at least 5 days. Anonymous complaints are accepted. The SQG Program alone inspected 103 complaints in 2007.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call (813) 627-2600 and ask for a representative of the SQG Program.

That is just a small sampling of the types and quantities of wastes that small businesses can generate. Because of this and EPC’s overall mission to protect the environment, staffs understand that small businesses do not always have the resources needed to ensure compliance with the regulations so extra time is spent explaining the regulations in common-sense terms and suggesting easy, inexpensive options a business can implement to achieve compliance.

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