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Storage Tank Compliance
The Storage Tank Compliance Section, under contract with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, regulates and inspects facilities with underground and above-ground tanks containing petroleum products and mineral acids. Some typical facilities are retail service stations, marinas, airports, fleet fueling sites, hospitals, farms, businesses with emergency generators, and a wide variety of other commercial and governmental operations.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) began the pollutant storage tank program in 1984. In 1988, the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County (EPC) entered into a contractual partnership with DEP to facilitate the delegation of the Storage Tank Compliance Program within the county.

Under this arrangement, the EPC performs annual compliance inspections and investigates reported or suspected discharges at all regulated facilities. In 1998, Hillsborough County adopted Chapter 1-12 Storage Tank Rule, which allows EPC staff to effectively implement and enforce DEP’s regulations (Chp. 62-761 F.A.C. and Chp. 62-762 F.A.C.) under its own authority, as well as by any delegated authority.

Tank Installation & Removal
Before an underground or above-ground storage tank is installed or removed, EPC staff review the plans to ensure all State rule requirements are met. Continuous inspections are performed during all phases of construction to verify the installation or removal was performed correctly.

Prior to tank installation, plans and a completed Application for the Installation or Upgrade of Pollutant Storage Tank Systems and a Storage Tank Registration Form must be submitted to EPC. Effective October 1, 2008, the Environmental Protection Commission Board granted approval to the EPC Storage Tank Section to charge a $150 fee for installation / upgrade plan reviews. This fee will be due at the time the installation application and plans are submitted to the department for review.

Payment can be cash, check, or money order. All non-cash payments must be made payable to Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County. Prior to tank removal, a completed Application for Closure of Pollutant Storage Tank Systems and a Storage Tank Registration Form must be submitted to EPC.

Note: Currently, there is no fee for closure plan reviews.

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