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Compliance Activities
The Compliance Assurance Section performs regular inspections of permitted wastewater facilities within Hillsborough County. These facilities range from small domestic waste package treatment systems to large power generating facilities.

Under a Specific Operating Agreement (SOA) with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the EPC acts on behalf of the DEP to monitor compliance and enforce provisions of Chapter 403 Florida Statutes for certain facilities. Facilities not covered by the SOA are inspected under the authority of the EPC’s enabling Act, Chapter 84-446 Laws of Florida.

The EPC is committed to perform two unannounced inspections at permitted facilities as a minimum level of service. Additional inspections and resources are allotted to facilities with compliance problems. In addition, the Compliance Assurance Section reviews the self-monitoring program (Discharge Monitoring Reports) for each facility on a monthly basis.

The Inspection Process

Each facility operates within a set of conditions established by a permit. It is compliance with the terms of the permit that provides the regulatory agency with reasonable assurance that the operation of a particular pollution source does not adversely effect the environment.

The EPC conducts a variety of inspections over the five-year life of a permit. These inspections may include an office review of the file, on site review of self-monitoring documentation, visual inspection of treatment units and effluent discharges, and sampling activities. Each inspection and inspection type is schedule automatically through the Water Management’s Data Management System.

Trained staff performs each inspection in accordance with EPA and DEP protocols.

Completed Inspection

Once an inspection has been completed, all the information gathered during the inspection including sample results is reduced to writing in the form of an inspection report. The inspection report along with any noted concerns or alleged violations are communicated to the permittee of the facility for correction and follow-up.

Typically, inspection reports are available within 30 days of the inspection activity.