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Compliance Enforcement
Responsibilities & Services
Compliance Enforcement represents a major component in the Water Management Division’s efforts to protect the waters of Hillsborough County. These activities include compliance inspections to ensure facilities comply with conditions and effluent limitations found in their facility permits, review of facility monitoring reports, enforcement and information management activities within the Division.

Non-permitted facilities and citizen complaints related to wastewater and water quality are investigated to determine the nature of any violations of applicable rules as well as environmental impacts.

Compliance Tools
Many different tools to effect compliance. They include:
  • Compliance initiatives
  • Data analysis
  • Diagnostic evaluations
  • Formal enforcement action
  • Compliance Assistance letters
  • Warning notices

Each non-compliance issue may require one or more of these tools to resolve violations while protecting and preserving water quality in Hillsborough County. In all non-compliance cases, the appropriate follow-up in the form of monitoring and/or inspections is conducted to ensure that any required corrective actions are completed in a timely manner.

Compliance Projects
Several projects have begun to enhance our efficiency. They include:
  • Application of GIS to help supervisors and managers make assessments related to program priorities and effectiveness
  • Proactive initiatives intended to identify problems before they result in violations
  • Paperless correspondence
  • Support of regulated community direct entry of discharge monitoring reports

The Compliance Enforcement Section continues to enhance its data automation and data evaluation capabilities. The analysis of data forms the basis for performance measurements. In addition, proactive initiatives and diagnostic evaluations will take a more prominent role in facility compliance.