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Laboratory Services
EPC’s main laboratory is located in EPC’s Water Management Division. However, the lab also supports the chemical analysis needs of all EPC Divisions (Water, ERM, Air and Waste). Most chemical analysis are performed for the agencies long term routine surface water monitoring program.

Atmospheric particulate and atmosheric lead analysis are routinely performed for the Air Management Division. Samples are also analyzed in support of domestic wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment plant monitoring programs. Benthic Program analysis (sediment chemical analysis) and analyses for outside agencies are also performed as needed.

Laboratory Support
The lab is divided into 2 main sections: General Analysis (Bacteriological, BOD, F, Chlorophyll, etc.) and Instrumental Analysis (Nutrients, Metals, Organics (GC & microscopy).

The laboratory provides technical support as necessary to other divisions, local, state and federal agencies in the evaluation of environmental impacts.

The laboratory has maintained state environmental laboratory certification since that programs inception. The lab has received NELAP accreditation (#E44057) for CWA – General Chemistry, Metals, Microbiology, Pesticides-Herbicides-PCB’s.