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Wastewater Facility Permitting
Permitting Process
The permitting process is used to help assure that necessary minimum design standards and criteria are met for all new wastewater facilities and as a periodic check that the necessary planning, management, operation, and maintenance requirements are being met.

Wastewater Facility Permitting
EPC is one of a few local programs that have received delegation from FDEP to issue permits on behalf of the state for both domestic and industrial wastewater facilities. This authorization is limited to non-NPDES activities. The permits issues by EPC DW and IW programs are listed below:

Domestic Wastewater Permit Type
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • New Construction
    • Renewal
    • Substantial Revision
    • Minor Revision
    • Transfer
  • Residuals Management
    • Residual Management Facility
    • Land Application Sites
  • Collection Transmission System
    • Construction Permit
    • General Permit
    • Certificate of Completion (Approval)

Industrial Wastewater Permit Type
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • New Construction
    • Renewals
    • Substantial Revision
    • Minor Revision
    • Back to Back Ind. Wastewater Permit Transfer
  • General Permits
    • Car Wash
    • Tomato Wash
    • Laundromat
    • Concrete Batch Plant
    • Sand and Limestone Mines