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Aerial Reviews
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The Wetlands Management Division provides an advisory Aerial Review service to the citizens of Hillsborough County. The purpose of an aerial review is to inform the public of the probability of wetlands and/or other surface waters (ditches, ponds, etc.) on a given piece of property.

This step can sometimes help in determining whether or not a person wants to pursue purchasing a particular property or whether there may be wetlands on property already owned. In addition, this service is offered to help determine what steps would be necessary to proceed with the goals of the interested party and brainstorm possible permitting that may be involved with the development of a particular site.

This review will not make definite determinations about a property or the exact boundary of wetland and/or other surface water boundaries.

To View An Aerial Review.
Appointments for an aerial review are necessary, and can be made by calling (813) 627-2600 ext 1239. To review a particular property, the address or the folio number is necessary, along with the section-township-and range.

These documents are available for public viewing.