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General & Specific File Review
Public Records Requests Generally & Specific File Review
Because the Environmental Protection Commission is a political subdivision of the State of Florida, it is required to comply with the Public Records Laws in Chp. 119, Florida Statutes. Thus, the EPC’s files and other documents that are defined as public records are available for public viewing with minor exception. EPC’s public records are made available to anyone, and can be beneficial to a prospective buyer of a property, a consultant performing a site assessment, or any interested party.

Generally, files are only available on properties which have been reviewed by, or have projects which have been permitted or enforced against by the EPC. Properties with no past EPC regulatory involvement will most likely not have a file within the EPC.

General Records Requests
To inquire about any EPC public record regarding a piece of property or if you want to view all public records regarding a certain topic, project, or agency action, contact the EPC Legal Department at (813) 627-2600 ext. 1054 (or write or e-mail the Legal Department at 3629 Queen Palm Drive, Tampa FL 33619) and they will forward the request to all the appropriate EPC divisions and the Legal Department will provide a coordinated response to the requester.

To facilitate requests, please provide to the EPC the project or property owner name, address or folio number, and the section-township-range of the subject property.

Specific File Requests
If you want to review a specific file / record and you know what Division it is in, you may call the administrative assistant directly in that Division. If you would like to discuss information in the file by setting up a file review session, please call (813) 627-2600 and ask for the specific division the file is in.

Other Agencies May Have Files
It may be necessary to review files in two or more EPC divisions or multiple governments so please do not assume EPC is the only agency that has relevant files (e.g. - DEP, Hillsborough County, US EPA, Tampa Port Authority, SWFWMD, HCHD, DOH, DOT, DCA, City of Tampa, US Army Corps, USFWS, etc).

Copying Information
With reasonable notice, staff is available to copy any information from a file generally at $0.15 per page for 8 1/2 x 11” size documents, but double-sided ($0.20) and larger document (actual cost of supplies and material) will cost more. Please contact the Legal Department for pricing of copies.

Additionally, projects which take an extensive amount of time to copy or redact may incur additional expense for staff time and copying costs. Payment must be made before copies are made or received. You can also view files in our office, if you do not want to pay for copies.

If a file exists electronically, you may request that we forward it to your e-mail address.