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Recycling Resources
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Hillsborough County  - For Complete Information on County Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Programs, visit the County Recycling website.

City of Tampa
For Complete Information on City of Tampa Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Programs, visit the Solid Waste website.

City of Temple Terrace
For Complete Information on Temple Terrace Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Programs, visit the Public Works- Sanitation website.

City of Plant City
For Complete Information on Plant City Solid Waste (Trash) and Recycling Programs, visit the Public Works website.

List of Web Links for Information on Recycling

General Site for Information:

What kind of impact are you having on the environment? View the website to see the impact you have on the environment.

Summary of why we should recycle
Environmental issues and “going green” have gotten a lot of attention lately. Everyone agrees that something must be done NOW to minimize the impact we are having on the environment. But what many may not know is that recycling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for people to go green.

Consider this:

-Every year, Americans trash over 180 BILLION tons of recyclable materials like newspapers and aluminum cans. That equals $6.4 billion dollars, 540 billion cubic yards of landfill space and $12 billion in lost energy!

The EPA estimates 66 percent of the materials we trash every day could be recycled. Only approximately 25 percent actually is being recycled.

-Every year, we waste one billion trees by throwing away our newspapers and other paper products.

-Recycling 35 percent of our trash would reduce global warming emissions equal to taking 36 million cars off the road.