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EPC Community Partner Program
Community Partner Program

As citizens are inherently interested in issues that relate to the environment around them and where they live, the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) has now developed the EPC Community Partner Program directed specifically to increase public outreach and interaction with registered Hillsborough County Homeowner and Civic Associations. The program strives to enhance awareness and educate citizens and communities on local environmental issues.

Through this program the EPC will coordinate to attend one of the regularly scheduled Association’s meetings where we will give an environmental presentation and provide details on the services provided by the Agency. Somewhat similar to neighborhood watch programs, the EPC will partner with the Association and provide our contact information to encourage local residents to stay connected with their environment and communicate with the Agency when they observe an environmental concern, or if they simply have an environmental question.

There are several benefits to becoming a certified EPC Community Partner:

  • There is no cost take advantage of the program
  • The community can become better educated on environmental services from the EPC
  • Community members will have easy access to the contact information for EPC if they have an environmental question or concern
  • Outdoor signage for posting will be provided recognizing the Association as an EPC Community Partner and displaying EPC’s contact information in the event there are any environmental questions
  • An electronic EPC Community Partner logo will be provided for posting on the community’s website
  • The community is eligible to apply for a Community Partner Mini-Grant from EPC for up to $2,500 for qualifying neighborhood projects (see details below)

Qualification, enrollment and certification in the EPC Community Partner Program are as follows:

  • The community must be a registered Homeowner or Civic Association with Hillsborough County
  • The applicant has to be an officer on the current Association’s Board
  • The applicant must complete the electronic Community Partner Application Form
  • Final certification as an EPC Community Partner requires:
    • The community hosts the EPC to present at one of their regular Association meetings
    • The community must disseminate the EPC’s contact information to all residents of the community (e.g. regular community newsletter, community-wide email, etc.) and provide a copy to the EPC

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Diondra Cowden at .

Community Partner Mini-Grant 

The EPC Community Partner Mini-Grant program is offered through the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) of Hillsborough County and is an extension of the current grant opportunities available through the Pollution Recovery Fund.  The mini-grant program is intended to offer a streamlined process for funding opportunities to Hillsborough County neighborhood associations certified as EPC Community Partners.  Partners are eligible to apply for reimbursement of up to $2,500 for qualified environmentally-conscious community projects.

As detailed in the application form, eligibility for a mini-grant minimally requires that:

·         the community be certified as an EPC Community Partner;

·         the applicant is an officer on the current association’s Board;

·         the proposed project occur on common property shared by the community; and

·         the proposed project meet the environmental enhancement guidelines and EPC laws.

The general project criteria must be related to the restoration and mitigation of areas affected by pollution, and/or the general improvement in the quality of the local environment through pollution prevention projects and energy efficiency advancement.  Additional details regarding eligibility, requirements, and timelines can be found in the Community Partner Mini-Grant Application Form.  An initial total funding allocation of $15,000 has been approved for this program; therefore, anyone interested in applying for up to $2,500 is encouraged to contact the EPC prior to initiating an application to ensure the availability of funds.

Any questions regarding the program can be directed to Diondra Cowden at .

Anyone interested in pursuing larger-scale pollution recovery grants may consider the
Pollution Recovery Fund (PRF) if a project meets PRF eligibility requirements (please see the website for more details and deadlines).

EPC Advisory/Notification System

The Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County (EPC) has developed the EPC Advisory/Notification System to provide direct contact to local residents and help increase awareness of local environmental conditions through advisories and informational releases generated or forwarded by the Agency. The system is intended to allow any interested citizen to be notified electronically of any significant local environmental event that may impact their community.

In order to receive these occasional environmental announcements as conditions warrant, enter your email address on the following link: EPC Advisory System Registration. After signing in, you simply identify whether you’d rather be notified via email or text by selecting the related icon next to EPC Environmental Advisory Alerts. After confirming registration through your own email system, you will be registered to automatically receive these important environmental announcements. For further information, please contact Jeff Sims via email at  or call 813-627-2600 x1285.